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(my) neighborhood

Are we involved in decision making in our neighborhood?


Or let’s put it this way: how important is it for us to be involved in decision making?


Tuba Doğu & Melis Varkal


Gizem Özmen, Özge Zafer, Nazlı Yatağan, Deniz Balık

May 2014 //

(My) neighborhood interrogates the connection we establish between our living space and the urban environment in which we live. In relation to this interrogation process, the series of events generate a platform to reveal our thoughts. Inspired by the idea of “hanging clothes”, an on-site installation took place in Güzelyalı Park with the active engagement of participants.


(my) neighborhood is a project composed of two stages: research and react. Meanwhile the former phase comprises research about the socio-spatial environment, it embodies two methods in order to answer the questions below:


  • Do you have the right in decision making in your neighborhood?

  • Would you be actively involved in processes you may want to change?

First output is a 3 minute video collage prepared with the answers of the neighborhood residents given to the questions above. Second is a survey related to various neighborhoods of Izmir which is available both online and offline. 

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