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urban voids

Can unattended, undefined and abandoned urban spaces be redefined as public spaces?


Yaşar University



Tuba Doğu & Melis Varkal



Gizem Özmen, Özgecan Zafer, Nazlı Yatağan



Deniz Balık 



İrem Bilgi, Onurcan Çakı, Cansu Çelikkaya, Gözde Çoban, Özge Karzan, Nesligül Kıralı, Ceren Kocabıyık, İrem Pelit, Bedri Tayfur, Püren Ünlü, Gizem Ulusakarya

March 2014 //

Viaducts, bridges and highways intersect cities globally. While they ease accesibility to cities and their surroundings, they seperate and isolate communities. However, there is a great potential among these two edges. These concrete structures mostly form undefined, dangerous and dead spaces, defined as wasted in dense urban pattern. Being as the first episode of the series of UrbanTank’s Urban Void projects, this workshop embodies an inverted approach to the problematised issue by asking what does not occur under highways? question to participants in order to bring a different perspective to the matter.

#ViyadükAltındaNeOlmaz (#WhatdoesnotTakePlaceUnderViaduct) comprises two stages. In the first stage, the subject is aimed to be discussed on social media through the #viyadükaltındaneolmaz hashtag. During the workshop, the same question is readdressed to the workshop participants, thus the workshop is carried through the collected data at both stages. Consequently, based on the discussions in the studio and on the social media, unexpected conditions are matched and represented spatially through digital medium.

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