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What if the city you live in turns into an urban stage at where you become a player and narrate your own guide? 

Tuba Doğu, Ambrus Ivanyos, Sevcan Sönmez, Bálint Tóth, Melis Varkal

Ulaş Ersezen, Ambrus Ivanyos, Selis Yıldız Şen, Bálint Tóth, Nusret Uşun

Tuba Doğu, Aylin Özkan, Dilek Turhan, Nusret Uşun, Melis Varkal

Layal Al Sahli

Ozan Atalan, İrem Pelit, Sevcan Sönmez, Umut Uzluk, Ceren Yılmaz

Ulaş Ersezen, Abdulkadir Keleş, Yağmur Kınacı, Merve Köz, Elif Hazal Okur, Aylin Özkan, İrem Pelit, Selis Yıldız Şen, Dilek Turhan, Nusret Uşun, Ceren Yılmaz

Ambrus Ivanyos, Bendegúz Korcsog, Bálint Tóth

Ozan Atalan (tr), Ambrus Ivanyos (eng)


DISAPPEAR is to experience the streets of Kemeraltı, which we know and always walk through, in a different way, through a fictional story. The project is the reflection of the literature to the city and daily life through a mobile application / game. The users who have experienced the game went through Kemeraltı streets by managing the story themselves after in-depth urban readings. The game does not have a particular route and can be formatted according to the paths the user chooses and it has been created separately for ios and android. Everyone who travels to İzmir can download the app and experience.

Developed in collaboration with Urban Tank in Izmir, Meet Lab from Budapest and Artopolis in Budapest, the mobile application explores the Kemeraltı streets through a fictional story, while asking new questions about daily life, time, place and belonging in the city. This work, in which the user feels like a hero of a detective story, blurs the lines between fictional story and physical reality, and becomes an experience that the users find themselves in the past, today and in a fictional future with a series of narratives and while getting lost in the city. 

We introduced the mobile application with a launch at Hayy Open Space, which is one of the new art venues in Izmir. In this launch, we discussed the collective production process of the project. At the same time, we also exhibited books and video works, which are the other outputs of the project.

* Disappear Project is funded by Tandem Turkey, European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and E. V. mitost (Berlin) and it was implemented in collaboration with Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul). The project is also supported by the Balassi Institute and Hayy Open Space.

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